Lloyd's Superior Health Plan

This plan underwritten by Lloyd's, is designed to cover your medical expenses on a co-insurance basis with you paying a co-insurance share of the overall expenses after the deductible has been satisfied, subject to certain lifetime and annual limits.

You can elect to have a deductible of $250.00, $500.00, or $1,000.00 per annual period.

Your Benefits

General Benefits

  • Low maximum co-insurance
  • Ground and air ambulance benefit
  • Access to PPO Network US and Worldwide (www.corvel.com)
  • Maximum Lifetime Limit of $2,000,000 (Amount the policy will pay during an Insured's life span)
  • Claims payments to providers within the PPO network (24/7 contact numbers/ Important Details to note on your ID Card)
  • Conversion Policy - allowing you to convert from a group plan to an Individual plan
  • Local payment of claims
  • Varying deductibles to choose from $250-$1,000

Medical (Physician and Hospital)

  • Savings on office visits and medical services, ranging from routine surgery and diagnostic tests
  • Medical services include pediatric care, checkups, treatment of chronic illnesses, OB-GYN services and much more
  • A network of approximately 750,000 general practitioners and specialists, facilities and hospitals. Check Find a Provider for participating providers near you

Prescription Drugs

  • Savings on both brand name and generic drug prices
  • Access to a network of participating pharmacies, including most major chains. Check Find a Provider for participating pharmacies near you


  • Major dental care including diagnostic, preventive care, basic restorative and major replacement


  • Annual Examination, contact lenses (after cataract surgery), frames and single vision lenses


  • Covered medical expenses for Chiropractic services are limited to the amount per treatment shown in the Policy

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