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Since Alliance Insurance was founded over 10 years ago, we have provided the residents of Anguilla with all of the insurance coverages they need – from auto to homeowners; from health to contractor's all-risk; and from employer’s liability to professional indemnity.
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We represent some of the leading insurers in the industry offering a wide range of high quality insurance products fit for every budget and need.

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Insurance that reflects the way you live your life.

Whether it’s health insurance for just you, or the entire family; auto insurance for your car; or protection for your home and office, we have solutions suited to your needs.

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Client Stories

The best measure of an insurance broker is its track record when clients are in need. Alliance has an ever-growing list of clients we have helped get through some of their most challenging times.
"Alliance Insurance is staffed by knowledgeable, trained and experienced professionals who are ready and able to service our demands."
Chrislyn Hughes, South Hill

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